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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For!

I first heard Velma Hart's comments on Bill Bennett's radio show. For the rest of the day it's all I heard – on CNN, Laura Ingrim, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. Most of the talk centered around how Obama seems to be losing luster among even his Democrat supporters. Certainly that's happening but I think there's an angle here that isn't being mentioned.

Some people believe the waning favor for Obama is happening because the economy continues to struggle and they don't believe Obama is doing enough about it. He's been a big disappointment to them. Perhaps these people should step back a little and think about some of the things Obama has accomplished while in office. He managed to rack up a record $1.4 trillion deficit his first year in office; he's on pace to break his deficit record in his second year; he added thousands of government workers to the tax-payers' payroll; he pushed through the long sought-after healthcare reform; after doling out billions to prop up failing banks, he began attaching regulatory strings retroactively to the banks receiving the money; he demonized Wall Street sending the markets into turmoil; he socialized one of the largest private companies in the world (GM); he issued an executive moratorium on off-shore drilling; and most recently passed sweeping, financial regulation. This is the stuff liberals dream about.

While he was doing these things, Obama had the full support of his liberal base. Not once did I hear any Democrat say something like, “Let's put healthcare on the back-burner and work on creating jobs.” Actually, I heard the opposite – they said healthcare reform would create jobs by making would-be entrepreneurs free to pursue their dreams (like being an artist as Nancy Pelosi suggested). Regulating “big oil” companies to death was supposed to create “green jobs.” Punishing big banks and Wall Street firms was supposed to create jobs by... er... well, I don't know how punishing employers creates more jobs but the liberals sure loved sticking it the bank CEOs.

So here we are nearing the end of Obama's second year in office. He has pushed the liberal agenda farther than anyone could have hoped or imagined but no utopic society has materialized and so liberals are disappointed. The problem is, the liberals are blaming Obama but can't see that the problem is that it's really the liberal agenda that isn't working.

Liberalism is a failed ideology. You cannot help the workers by destroying the employers. The opportunity to earn more is an incentive for people to work more but if you rob people of what they earn (in the form of higher taxes) then you rob them of the incentive to work more. If you promise equal results through the redistribution of wealth, then you are encouraging equal effort from the workers. There is no incentive to start a business, take more risks, and work harder if the end result is the same as if you'd done nothing.

Tell me the truth, what more liberal thing could Obama have done? Every piece of liberal legislation he's put forth has already been passed. I think it's time liberal recognize that it's not the man but the liberal ideology that's not working. You wanted hope and change? You've got it. Look where it's gotten us.

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