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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Evidence for the Tooth Fairy

I'm going to tell on myself. In my last post, I talked about how theories explain the evidence while the evidence is neutral. There, I said that statements like, “there is no evidence for creation” are demonstrative of the ignorance of the person making the statement. Well, I admit that I have made statements before like, “there is no evidence for evolution.” What's worse, I didn't say it hastily and without thinking. I was very deliberate. I confess: I have done the very thing I have just chided evolutionists for saying.

Now, you might be asking why I would have made such a statement if I believe it's such an ignorant statement. You may also wonder why I would confess to it so forthrightly. Well, at the risk of sounding hypocritical, when I have said that there is no evidence for evolution, I did not mean it in the same way that evolutionists mean when they say there is no evidence for creation (generally speaking, of course). Let me explain.

First, I sometimes mean it in the same sense that I suggested in my last post. Evidence is neutral and theories are merely attempts to explain the evidence. In that sense, there is no evidence for any theory. Evidence doesn't speak and doesn't endorse any theory. One might say that his theory is the better explanation of the evidence but the evidence isn't for the theory.

But I sometimes mean it in another sense. Do you believe there is a tooth fairy? There are millions of kids out there who do. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. Usually, they're told by their parents that there is a tooth fairy. Also, when they lose a tooth, they put it under their pillow, they go to sleep, and the next morning they find cash in place of the tooth. All of these things certainly convince the kids that there is a tooth fairy but is it really evidence for the tooth fairy? The existence of a tooth fairy would certainly explain all this “evidence” but there's another explanation that happens to be the correct one.

Evolution is kind of like the tooth fairy. It might seem to explain the evidence reasonably well but there's another theory that is the correct one. Some people call creation a fairy tale but evolution is truly a myth. It's been called a fairy tale for grown ups where a frog turns into a prince – over millions of years. For all of its scientific trappings, it's still a myth. The “evidence” for evolution is nothing more than kids findings quarters under their pillow.

God made the world as described in Genesis. It might not be considered scientific but it's the truth. What some people call “evidence for evolution” is just like the evidence for the tooth fairy. It might convince some people, but it's certainly not proof. How can something that's not real be proven? How can something that's not real even have evidence? It's for this reason I've sometimes said, “there is no evidence for evolution.”


Anonymous said...

About 10 years ago, I asked God to give me an answer to someone's question: Why is there carbon dating as far back as 600,000 years ago? God revealed the answer to me, but first we have to agree on two things, 1) That God gives us free will, and 2) that to have free will, we have to have at least 2 things to choose from (being able to make choices is what free will is all about right?). Well here is what God revealed: You have two choices: 1) The Bible, which takes Faith, or 2) Evolution, which takes proof. Now here's the great part: When God created the earth, he BUILT IN PROOF of evolution. For example: The instant he created a fossel, he BUILT IN the carbon 600,000 year dating (even tho it was only 1 second old), so that we had the "proof" of evolution. While on Earth, we have to be born-again to get to heaven. If we are born again, then we willfully (free will here) CHOOSE to believe the Bible, even tho there is "proof" of evolution. I wrote to several people back then, Ken Ham and others, and after all these years they are finally coming around to God's way of thinking and are writing more and more articles about this. See "Design of Man: No Evolutionary Evidences" by Frank Sherwin, and "Creation with the Appearance of Age" by John D. Morris, and other articles. Evolution isn't a tooth fairy, it's something real that God created. We just need to make the right choice!

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