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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reporters Don't Have a Clue About Religion

On this Ash Wednesday, I can't help but post this gem from Ash Wednesdays past. I know that most reporters are completely clueless about all things religious and, since these reporters are British, they're likely more secular than most. Even so, since they are reporters, you'd think they'd at least have heard about Ash Wednesday on the news before they embarrassed themselves.

It was Ash Wednesday, for crying out loud. Didn't their network even announce the day? I've mentioned before that I'm not Catholic but even I'm aware of this observance. I'm not asking them to observe the practice but, again, since they are reporters, do you think they at least might be aware of a practice observed by hundreds of millions of people all over the world? I can only assume they didn't think it was important enough to be mentioned on their network.

Can you imagine something like this happening at Christmas? Would the reporters have said something like, "I wonder why that tree behind the Vice President has lights on it?" Of course, nothing like that could ever happen. Christmas has become secular enough to catch the notice of the liberal media (though they still refuse to call it, "Christmas" but prefer the more benign sounding, "holiday"). Ash Wednesday is still far too religious for them to be interested in actually learning something about it.

Oh well. At least their antics provide a never ending supply of humor for bloggers like me. Enjoy!!

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