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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Liberals Think that Deficit Reduction Costs Us Money

So, I'm in McDonald's yesterday eating a $3 breakfast from their value menu because I can't afford a breakfast buffet anywhere because gas is almost $4/gallon... Anyway, McDonald's usually has their TV tuned in to CNN Headline News or some other liberal, morning show. This day, they were talking about the debate going on in Washington over the budget. As they cut away to a commercial, the reportette teased the upcoming segment by saying something like, “Medicare. When we return, find out what the deficit reduction plans will cost you.”

I sat there for a minute chewing on my sausage biscuit and thinking about what I just heard. Let me get this straight: are they saying that Washington spending less money is going to “cost” us something? Perhaps someone needs to be reminded that it is our money that is being spent! If the Feds spend less of it, then we are saving money! If I'm spending $90K/year but am only making $50K per year, I would obviously save money if I cut out the $40K/year excess. Duh! Maybe I was doing some really fun things with that extra $40K. but doesn't matter. I can't afford to forever spend nearly twice what I make.

I believe the liberal attitude that a savings is really a cost turns over the understanding of the word “our.” Is this “our” money? When a liberal says, “our” he means, “us liberals.” This isn't everyone's money; it belongs only to the elite folks in Washington and the people to whom they choose to dole it out. This is why they always invoke class jealousy. Most of the people who receive government benefits don't pay any taxes so it isn't “their” money being spent. Instead, if we reduce our spending, they might receive less in benefits. This is why liberals say that a reduction in spending “costs” them.

Along those same lines, when Obama talks about “everyone” having to sacrifice, he really means that rich people have to pay more in taxes. Never mind that only 50% of the people are already paying almost 100% of the taxes; to him, they (that is, “we”) are not paying enough. If liberals are forced to spend less on their favorite causes, then the “rich” (which means anyone who pays taxes) have to pay more in order to be “fair.”

It's been said already that the federal government doesn't have an income problem. It has a spending problem. We need to cut spending. Saying that it's going to “cost us” to have deficit reduction is a shameful attempt by liberals to stir up the support of the recipients of wealth redistribution to fight back against conservative calls for fiscal discipline in Washington. Hopefully, enough people have grown tired of these class-warfare arguments by now that they won't listen anymore.

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