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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Crack Pots are Liberals

Just recently, I had a light-hearted discussion about the statistical fact that believers in UFO's and Big Foot are usually evolutionists. It was a half-joke in response to the common claim that creationists are crack pots who subscribe to junk science.

So, Brian Ross, a “reporter” for the alternative news outlet, ABC, is on the air talking about the CO shooting when he carelessly makes a tenuous connection between Jim Holmes and the Tea Party. You can see the irresponsible statements in this video.

There's something familiar about comments like this. It reminds me of how evolutionists call creationists, “crack pots.” I've noticed that whenever fringe nuts commit crimes, there is a usual response among left-wing “reporters” to quickly blame conservative groups and radio talk show hosts for inciting the incident with their “hateful rhetoric.” Do you remember the calls to tone down the rhetoric after the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Gifford? I recall they blamed Sarah Palin for having bulls-eyes over certain congressional districts on her website. The funny thing is that these early, careless reports always turn out to be wrong. The Jim Holmes who is a member of the Tea Party is not the same Jim Holmes who murdered a dozen people in the CO movie theater. The man who shot Rep. Gifford was not political and likely never even visited Sarah Palin's website.

But let's pause for a moment and think about this. What if Holmes really had been a member of the Tea Party? What does that mean? Does that suddenly make the Tea Party a terrorist group? Holmes was also once a PhD student at the University of Colorado. Does that mean the University of Colorado is a terrorist group? Any attempt to link Holmes to any conservative group is nothing more than a pitiful, guilt-by-association argument.

Liberals should think twice before trying to make a connection between Holmes' crime and his religious or political associations. I've seen the pictures and videos of Holmes. I'm not a professional, criminal profiler or anything but let me tell you what I think about Holmes. He doesn't strike me as the church-going type. I would guess he's more likely an atheist or at least he's non-religious. He probably doesn't vote but, if he does, I would wager that he's registered as a Democrat. He has not attended any Tea Party rallies but I suspect he's sympathetic to the Occupy Movement (Occupy seems especially popular among young, college students).  I'll bet he has expressed concerns over global warming and believes we should raise taxes on the rich.  He's not a member of the NRA. He doesn't hunt or fish. He's not a Ditto Head.  I am also 100% sure he is not a young earth creationist but is, instead, an evolutionist. Does anyone think I'm wrong on any of these points?

I think that liberals' attempts to label extremists as “right wing” are red herrings to move the subject away from the truth – that the nuts are usually liberals. Oh, by the way, I did a search of Obama donors and found that there was a James Holmes who gave to Obama's campaign in 2008. Now, I'm not sure if this is the same Jim Holmes who committed the shootings but....

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