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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Isaiah 43:10: Ye are My Witnesses

How do we go about being His witnesses?  Are we supposed to merely live by the word or to also share it with others?  That was the discussion in this video where a tearful woman confronts a street preacher.  I think the preacher nails it.

Jesus said the world hated Him because He testified against it and said its deeds were evil (John 7:7).  This woman seems to believe that if the world hates you, then you're doing something wrong.  I say that if the world loves you then you're doing something wrong.  


Todd Williams said...

I agree with you (and the preacher) wholeheartedly. We unfortunately will offend people when we share the gospel. I was very offended initially when my girlfriend in college attempted to get me saved, as I was very defensive towards any notion of my life being subject to a higher authority. It's always interesting to see how often I see that people that have issues with authority in general tend to have issues with God as well.

RKBentley said...


Thanks for your comments.

I was also led to the Lord by my wife when we were dating. I've noticed the same thing in a lot of the men in my church. It as though the young women are missionaries to the young men.

Anyway, I believe that many people who say they don't want to offend anyone are secretly (and perhaps subconsciously) afraid to share the gospel. Or maybe some people who claim to be Christians have a weak faith that's simply not worth sharing.

God bless!!