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Monday, April 1, 2013

Really, Google?

Yesterday was Easter, right? I mean, it was on the calendar. I've been seeing Easter baskets and candy on display in stores for weeks. I went to Church and heard a sermon about the Resurrection. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was yesterday. Why is it then, that when I logged onto Google, I saw this on their front page:

Really, Google? On the biggest holiday in Christendom, you chose to honor the birthday of Cesar Chavez instead? I guess Google is heading the way of Yahoo.

It's a shame that my blog is hosted by Google. Frankly, I'm getting tired of patronizing businesses that spurn my beliefs. It's old news that retail stores stopped celebrating “Christmas” and adopted the generic “Holiday” themes. Now the word “Easter” is being abandoned for the less religious sounding “Spring” activities. I'm reading more and more accounts of the “Spring bunny” and “egg hunts.”

Oh well. What can I do about it? It's not like I'm going to move my blog because Google is joining the politically correct crowd. If it were an easy thing to do, I would do it but there's more to it than just uploading my posts onto another site. I will, however, use my blog to say how stupid I think Google is being. So here I go:

Google, you're being stupid!

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Carvin said...

Question... does this mean you want Easter to be a tool of a corporate giant to gather further money? Personally, I'm all for religion being kept away from big business, as it is near universally evil. The love of money, after all...