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Friday, November 30, 2007

I Don’t Hate Science

In a previous blog, I talked about the common mistake evolutionists make in insisting science must only deal with natural processes. This leads to another common mistake – the continued accusation that Christians hate “science.” Here’s a little exercise: do a Google search on the words “science haters” and see how often militant evolutionists call Christians “science haters.”

Their logical argument must go something like this:
1. Evolution is a scientific theory,
2. Some Christians do not agree with the Theory of Evolution,
3. Therefore, Christians hate science.

There are so many logical fallacies rolled up in this argument that it’s hard to sort them all out. Let me point out a few of the most obvious weaknesses in this argument.

First, there is the fallacy of a false premise. I explained in my previous blog that events in the past are not observable, repeatable, or testable. One tenet of evolution, for example, is that dinosaurs became birds. We cannot observe this happen and we cannot repeat it. Therefore, it is generous to even call it a scientific theory. So the premise that evolution is a scientific theory is wrong.

Next, they are committing the fallacy of equivocation, by suggesting that evolution and science are the same thing. Science deals with methodologies and includes many different disciplines. Is physics a science? Yes. Is physics evolution? No. Duh! There are many creationists who are scientists. Christians certainly use computers, cell phones, medicine, etc. All of these things have come from science and none of them have anything to do with evolution (no - not even medicine). Disagreeing with evolution really has nothing to do with science in general.

Finally, there is ad hominem. We’ve already seen that the logic of this argument fails, so why do people still call creationists, “science haters”? Obviously, they are trying to insult the Christian who disagrees with evolution. Anyone can see it's not an accurate adjective - they're just calling Christians names. A variation on this tactic is the assertion that people who do not agree with evolution are either “ignorant”, “stupid”, or “lying.” It doesn’t matter how much you know about evolution, if you don’t believe it then you just don’t understand it. You’re stupid. I often see the reverse of this as well: if someone believes evolution - even if he can’t cite a single piece of evidence for it – he is an enlightened one.

These are sophomoric tactics and frankly I’m tired of these weak arguments. Anybody who uses the term “science haters” is being an irrational bigot. Or better yet, they're "God haters"! There! Chew on that one for a while.

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