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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rethinking Evolution

In my previous blog, I talked about the Constanza Tactic©. There, I gave some of the more obvious examples of the tactic – Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, etc. But this tactic is not limited to those extreme examples. Scientists are constantly throwing out or tinkering with old theories every time some new piece of evidence comes to light.

Just for fun, every couple of months I like to do a Google search on these words: “new find rethink evolution.” I always get a list of several recent discoveries that overturn some of the previous “facts” about evolution. Here are some of the most recent headlines along with a notable excerpt:

Great ape find forces rethink on man's evolution, “The finding, if confirmed, will redraw the evolutionary tree of primates…”

Evolution theory overhauled after the discovery of ‘handy man’ fossil, “The story of a critical phase in human evolution may have to be rewritten after the discovery of two remarkable fossils in Kenya…”

Earliest primate ancestor had surprisingly tiny brain, “… suggests that evolutionary anthropologists may have to rethink some cherished theories about why such big, powerful brains evolved.”

Newfound Dinosaur Forces Rethink on Emergence of Raptors, “The discovery of a bird-like dinosaur in South America has paleontologists rethinking when, where and how one group of raptors evolved.” [I especially liked this one – they have to rethink when, where, AND how!]

There are many more examples of course but this gives you a pretty good idea of the kind of rethinking that continuously happens as new evidence is discovered. So, new “facts” come to light that overturn old “facts.” I’m weird in that I ascribe to “facts” the characteristic of being true! So, if an old “fact” wasn’t true, it was never a fact, was it? Just keep that in mind when some evolutionist is giving you all his "facts" to try to prove evolution.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that any of these finds are making these evolutionists become creationists (actually, I guess some are). Indeed, it doesn’t matter at all to many of them that their “cherished theories” were wrong because they just come up with a new theory to explain the new evidence. If the new theory is later shown to be wrong as well, then it will be on to the next theory. But THE theory - the theory of evolution - can never be wrong.

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