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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Electoral Map

There's an interesting, interactive, electoral map at that lets the user toy around with different scenarios to see how the 2008 election might pan out. As I write this, things are looking grim for McCain. If all the Obama leaning states go to Obama, and all the McCain leaning states go to McCain, then Obama is only 1 undecided state away from winning the electoral college. On the other hand, McCain would have to win every single undecided state to take the White House.
The good news is that 100 of the Obama leaning electoral votes are only "soft leaning" to Obama. That is, he has only a 5% lead over McCain in the polls. If you consider only those states where the candidate's support is "likely" or "safe", then the electoral votes are 164 to Obama and 156 to McCain.
I'm going to add a widget to help readers follow the polls as they shift.
Tonight's debate is a "make or break" for either candidate. Senator McCain, if you're listening, I urge you to put your conservative foot forward. In addition, take this opportunity to point out that Obama is the most liberal Democrat in the Senate (and has the third most liberal Democrat as a running mate)! If you do that, you will win.

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