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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Hollywood Left is at it Again

We have a new movie – a pseudo-documentary from that wise-cracking, cable-TV guy, Bill Maher titled, Religulous. It’s meant to be an irreverent look at religion in America but, from some commentaries I’ve read, it’s more of an attack on Christianity in particular. Needless to say, it’s received some warm reviews from Hollywood critics.

I read the 14 or so critics’ reviews of Religulous and, overall, they gave it a “B.” E-online (who gave it an “A”) said this about the movie:
“Beginning and ending in Megiddo, Israel, "the spot where the Christians believe the world will end in the book of Revelation," Bill Maher manages a mind-blowing documentary about religion less blasphemous (and vicious) than you'd expect from the fiery host of HBO's Real Time…

Beginning at a trucker's church in Raleigh, N.C., his greatest target is the corruption of Christianity and Catholicism, which he notes has been about "f--king little kids and burning people alive."…

Surprisingly, Maher is only occasionally mean-spirited”
Only occasionally?

As I write this, Religulous has been in theaters 3 weeks and has grossed just over $9 million. It opened in the number 10 spot on the Weekend Box Office and has fallen to number 16 currently.

Interestingly though, there is another movie that came out the week before Religulous, the overtly Christian film, Fireproof. Admittedly it’s been out one week longer than Religulous, but in its 4 week run it has grossed so far over $20.5 million, more than twice the ticket sales of Religulous. It spent the first 3 weeks of its run in the Top Ten of the Weekend Box Office, opening at the number 4 spot. It currently sits at number 11.

So, by any measure, the religious film, Fireproof has been far more successful than the irreligious film, Religulous. But how have the critics received it? Well, I wouldn’t know. According to Yahoo movies, no critic has thus far seen it! I’m not kidding, there’s not a single review from the professional critics.

Maybe I’m over reacting. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that Yahoo movies snubbed a conservative movie and gushed over a more liberal one. That’s not a common practice, is it? Well, there are also 2 more movies out currently: the (alleged) biography of President Bush, W. and the conservative spoof of Michael Moore, American Carol. W. received a “B-” after being reviewed by 14 critics. American Carol? You guessed it – again not a single review!
What exactly is going on here? Does Hollywood think that if they ignore the religious or conservative movies that they’ll just go away? I guess so. But as long as people keep voting with their pocket book and go see the Christian friendly flicks, there will hopefully continue to be companies out there willing to produce them. Maybe someday the Hollywood elitists will get it!

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