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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Congressman Grayson Compares GOP to Al Qaeda

There's a lot of buzz this morning over Rep. Grayson's (D-Fl) remarks that liken the GOP to Al Qaeda. You can hear his remarks on this short video.

Frankly, I don't see what the big deal is. I mean, I can understand why this is being covered but demonizing conservatives is a tired, old tactic of liberals. For decades, liberals have called us “Nazis” but in recent years they've changed it to “Al Qaeda” or “Taliban.” Grayson may have just made these remarks recently but this is actually old news.

Something occurred to me just the other day that I had been meaning to blog about. I'm sure many of you have seen Eric Holder refusing to acknowledge a possible link between radical Islam and the recent terror attempt in NY. Here's the video again.

Here's what I think is funny: why is it that liberals frequently demonize conservatives by calling them Al Qaeda, Taliban, radical-right-wing-extremists, etc. yet these same liberals won't condemn radical Islam terrorists out of fear of offending them?! Liberals are such hypocrites that it's hilarious.

Thanks, Mr. Grayson & Mr. Holder for a good laugh. Thanks also for a never ending supply of blog-fodder. If it weren't for crazy liberal comments like these, what would us conservative bloggers do? I guess I'd have to start a cooking blog.

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