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Monday, August 9, 2010

A thought about the Mosque at Ground Zero

At the risk of sounding contradictory, I think I have liberals figured out; yet on the other hand, I'll never really understand how they think. I mean, they are predictable in that they always loathe American, conservatives, and Christianity but the reason for their loathing escapes me. The mosque proposed to be built at Ground Zero is still another example of liberal hypocrisy and lunacy. I've seen no outrage from the left over a shrine being built in the shadow of the fallen Towers which is likely being funded by the same groups that toppled them! And what about the expected dedication date of 9/11/2011? Hello!! Instead of outrage we here calls for religious tolerance and constant harping on the fact that it's “legal.” Give me a break!

This is all strangely familiar to me. I lived in Cincinnati a few years back near where Answers in Genesis built their Creation Museum. In the years leading up to the building of the Museum, AiG scouted a couple of locations as potential sites for the build. This was covered fairly extensively by the local media and I followed the story pretty closely. On a couple of occasions, when a possible location was being considered, AiG would meet with the zoning committee to discuss zoning for the museum. Such meetings drew libs out of the woodwork in protest. There were complaints that the Museum would be a disruption to the community, over-burden the streets with traffic, attract protestors, and generally be a source of embarrassment to the Tri-state area. It didn't seem to bother them one bit that AiG is a religious organization which had a legal right to build such a museum. Indeed, many were outspoken about the fact that the objected to what AiG represented. At one meeting, a protestor went so far as to say that if the commission allowed this museum to be built, it would violate the separation of Church and state! Chew on that for a while! On at least one occasion, the board capitulated and refused zoning for the Museum before it was eventually built at its present site.

A lot of the arguments raised by liberals at the building of the Creation Museum are the same arguments being used by conservatives about the building of the mosque now. The mosque would certainly be a disruption to the community, a draw for protestors, a source of controversy, and most assuredly an embarrassment that we would allow a terrorist sympathizer to build a monument overlooking the hallowed grounds of the worst act of terrorism committed in America. Even like the Museum, much of the debate is around zoning. Why are the liberals suddenly so tolerant about the Muslim religion when they weren't nearly as tolerant when a Christian organization wanted to build a museum?

I ask rhetorically because we already know why: they are hypocrites who hate America and Christianity. To them, teaching children that Adam and Eve were real people is a worse crime than killing thousands of innocent Americans. They compare Christian fundamentalists to terrorists who shouldn't be allowed to build a museum but they excuse real terrorists and allow them to build a mosque to be dedicated on the 10th anniversary of September 11th!

Like I said, liberals are predictable but I'll never really understand them.


trencherbone said...

Busting the multiculturalist myth of diversity bringing 'cultural enrichment'.

Islamists are already trying to restrict and destroy our culture - see additional links under 'Cultural Jihad'.

Anonymous said...

And you never will if you continue to insist on assigning them ridiculous false motivations like hating America.