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Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Do You Like My New Blog Design?

After 4 years of blogging, it's funny that I really don't know much more about blog design than when I started. The difference is that now Blogger has more features available and they're fairly easy to employ. When I started, the available templates were very limited. I'm not kidding – there were only about 20 to choose from. Oh yeah, they looked cool at first but after I started visiting other people's blogs, I realized they all looked like mine. When I saw these same templates on other people's sites, I also realized they were boring.

I stumbled upon (through normal surfing – not the app of the same name) a site with a LOT of cool templates that could be applied to Blogger. I chose one I liked and applied it to my blog right away. It was great for a while. My blog had a cool new look and was different than all the other blogs out there. Unfortunately for me, though, Blogger soon offered all those same templates as well so my blog suddenly wasn't quite as unique anymore.

Regardless of that, I really liked the look of my last design. I thought it was attractive to look at and had a more “professional” appearance than the cookie cutter templates I had been used to. Yet I always had this nagging feeling that the color scheme made it a little difficult to read. Also, the side bar seemed to be lost in clutter. I almost never had clicks on my side bar and I think it was simply because people never noticed anything in there so they didn't click on anything.

I previewed several new themes to see how they'd look on my blog. This one caught my eye. It's rather simple but elegant. Pictures are a big part of my blog and I like the way they stand out against the white background. I think the side bar now looks more like content and less like ads that people ignore. And certainly the text is much more readable. At the risk of sounding cliche, I think this new theme “pops.”

I hope it improves the reading experience of all my visitors. I might make a few tweaks still. If you have any suggestions or comments, please comment. Feedback is always welcome on A Sure Word.

Thanks for visiting. God bless!!

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