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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Huckabee Cross “Controversy”?

Give me a break, everyone. First off, it’s a bookshelf. Everyone can see it’s a bookshelf. Can't you see the ornaments sitting on one of the shelves? Anybody that says, “well, it could be a bookshelf” is either dense or lying to create a controversy. But so what if it were a cross? Mike’s on TV, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and reminding everyone that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. If it were indeed a cross, how would that be controversial? Normally, if you find an ordained Baptist preacher on TV talking about Jesus, you'd expect to find a cross.

What if, at Easter time, Mike appeared on TV, actually sitting next to a cross (!), and said something like, “At Easter, Christians all around the world celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord. My warmest regards to all families as you celebrate this special time.” I suspect someone watching might say, “You know what? That fireplace in the background looks like an empty tomb! Why, how could he do something like that? He has to know it's there - these things don't just happen by accident. How dare he use the Resurrection for his political gain!”

Exactly how ridiculous can we be?

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