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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Studied Contempt of Planned Parenthood

A while back, I wrote about the transparent attempt of retailers to de-Christianize Christmas. I think it’s humorous the extent some irreligious people will go to “not to offend” anyone (such as calling Christmas trees, “family trees”). But Planned Parenthood (PP) isn’t just trying to make Christmas a generic holiday; they’re going out of their way to offend Christians. has reported that Planned Parenthood has made available pro-abortion holiday cards (even I won’t call these things “Christmas cards”) with the message, “Choice on Earth.”

The cards are obviously meant to be a blasphemy of Luke 2:14, often paraphrased as, “Peace on Earth.” Planned Parenthood is being pretty in-your-face about it too. The article quotes former PP President, Gloria Feldt, as saying group supporters were “energized by the vicious criticism of our holiday card.”

This belies the true attitude of Planned Parenthood. They aren’t a caring organization trying to “help women.” They are a godless organization, obsessed with infanticide and driven by greed and liberal ideology.

Apparently, PP does this kind of stuff every year but the attention paid to them has waned as of late. I guess that’s encouraging news. I’m just thankful PP wasn’t around in Bethlehem! If they had found a young, unmarried girl like Mary, engaged to a poor carpenter, displaced from her home and sleeping in a stable - they would have fallen all over each other to make her have an abortion!

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