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Friday, December 21, 2007

Public Schools – Liberal Recruiting Grounds

John Edwards’ quote in my last blog still has me thinking. He’s just wrong on so many levels that it’s going to take me a while to plumb the depths of it.
Edwards said he "didn't want to impose" his views on his 9-year-old and 7-year-old… Nobody made me God,” said the former North Carolina senator. “I want my children to be able to make that decision on behalf of themselves, and I want them to be exposed to all the information, even in - did you say second grade? Second grade might be a little tough, but even in second grade.
Can he be serious? He doesn't want to “impose his views” on his own children? Remember, we’re talking about 7 and 9 year old kids! I thought teaching our kids values is one of the responsibilities of being parents. Does he, for example, expose them to white supremacists so they can make up their own minds on racism? Has he given them copies of Mein Kampf? Does he read Das Kapital to them so they can form an opinion on socialism?

Of course he doesn’t do any of these things [actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if he reads Marx to them]. I think what he means to say is that he doesn’t want to impose Judeo-Christian morals on them but wants them to be raised in the new morality of the state. Where better to do that than in public schools?

I think this is the real motive behind the liberals’ opposition to school vouchers. Aren’t liberals supposed to be “pro-choice”? You know, let the parents decide what’s best, yada yada. Well, that only applies to letting the parents decide to have an abortion. If the parents don’t want to send their kids to a public school, then they don’t have a choice (See my blog on Clinton-Speak).

Not only are they opposed to school vouchers, some liberals can’t stand it that some parents can home school their children – safe from indoctrination by the state. For example, in another blog, I discussed a particular op-ed piece where an evolutionary scientist said, “One other change needs to occur to keep home-schooled children from being misled by creationists. The Kentucky home-school statutes are terribly vague…. These statues should be changed so that science education, real science education, is a requirement in all home schools.” You can almost hear his teeth gnashing he’s so angry about it.

So, as long as liberals have breath, they will do what they can to force our kids into public school where they can be brought up in the religion of the state with minimal parental influence. Hillary even wants universl pre-K schools so they can sink their hooks into our kids even sooner. Public schools are the breeding grounds of future liberals. You want a place completely void of God? They’ve got it! Want to hear why Heather has two mommies? All over it! Want your kids taught that people are descended from an amoeba? Look no further! Do you want your kids to learn to read, write, and do arithmetic? Well… um… you see… they’re not so hot at that.

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