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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who’s Pushing Whose Morality?

I just have to shake my head sometimes. Just when I think I’ve heard it all, liberals go and do something so outrageous that I’m shocked all over again. Apparently, there’s a new, pro-gay book being used in certain public schools called, King and King. You can read the story for yourself here. It’s a book being used for 2nd graders! Needless to say, I disagree with the homosexual life style, oppose gay marriage, and stand against the blatant attempt to mainstream them.

It’s no secret that Christianity is not welcome in public schools. The phrase, “One nation under God” for example, might make some students uncomfortable so Michael Newdow sued to have all students stop saying. His daughter didn’t have to say it herself, mind you, but he didn’t want her to even hear it. Well, now some public schools are reading and promoting pro-gay books in an attempt to make homosexuality normal, even mainstream. Never mind how the parents might feel about it.

A few candidates were asked “Should teachers read the book to second graders as part of the school curriculum? Would you read it - or have read it - to your own children?” Here are some responses:

ROMNEY: “This is a subject that should be left to parents, not public school teachers,” the former Massachusetts governor said in a statement. “We need to strengthen our families by passing a federal marriage amendment and also insisting on marriage before having children.”

THOMPSON: “The answer is no,” Thompson's chief campaign spokesman told Cybercast News Service. “He's very clear. There is no wishy-washiness.”

OBAMA: Said he and his wife have already talked to their 9-year-old and 6-year-old about same-sex marriage. “One of the things I want to communicate to my children is not to be afraid of people who are different, because there have been times in our history where I was considered different.”

CLINTON: “I think that obviously it is better to try to work with your children, to help your children understand the many differences that are in the world and to really respect other people and the choices that other people make," she said. "And that goes far beyond sexual orientation.” [?? - I tried to translate that on to figure out where she stands but it doesn’t translate Clinton-Speak].

But the winner of the most outrageous statements goes to Sen. Edwards.

EDWARDS: “Yes, absolutely," Edwards said. "What I want ... is my children to understand everything about the difficulties that gay and lesbian couples are faced with every day; the discrimination that they're faced with every single day of their lives.” Edwards said he "didn't want to impose" his views on his 9-year-old and 7-year-old [No, he wants to impose them on our kids]. “Nobody made me God,” said the former North Carolina senator. “I want my children to be able to make that decision on behalf of themselves, and I want them to be exposed to all the information, even in - did you say second grade? Second grade might be a little tough, but even in second grade.”

There used to be an old saying that you can’t legislate morality. I guess it depends on whose morality you’re legislating. It doesn’t matter to liberals that, in election after election, 2/3 of the voters always oppose gay-marriage. It doesn’t matter to liberals that many parents don’t want their kids being told gay is OK. It doesn’t matter that public schools are failing miserably at what they're supposed to be doing - teaching our kids basic English, math, & science. Public schools are effective in indoctrination and that’s all that counts.

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