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Monday, June 29, 2009

The HR2454 Republican Hall of Shame

The Cap and Trade bill (HR2454) passed by a slim, 7 vote margin in the house late Friday evening (6/26). That’s bad news. It’s made worse when you realize that 8 Republican turn-coats – I mean, “Representatives” – voted for the measure. Since the bills passed by only 7 votes, these 8 RINO’s can be held directly accountable for the bills passage in the house. All I can say is shame on them all.

Bono Mack (CA) (202) 225-5330
Castle (DE) (202) 225-4165
Kirk (IL) (202) 225-4385
Lance (NJ) (202) 225-5361
LoBiondo (NJ) (202) 225-6572
McHugh (NY) (202) 225-4611
Reichert (WA) (202) 225-7761
Smith (NJ) (202) 225-3765

If any of these are your Representatives, I would suggest you let them know how you feel about their vote. Especially don’t forget in 2010!

If this bill is ever enacted into law, Obama himself admits that energy bills will necessarily “skyrocket.” I’ve heard varying estimates between $175–700 more each year on the average utility bill. Of course, that’s on top of the already high utility rates foisted upon us over the last couple of years.

Besides higher utility costs, the bill will necessarily make us more energy dependent. There will be no more power plants built in the US. I’m sure Obama and his partners in crime are hoping we don’t remember that he said cap and trade will bankrupt the coal companies who try to build more plants. In the same clip, Obama says that cap and trade will raise “billions of dollars” that we can invest in solar and wind technology. Let me translate: “We will collect billions of dollars from every American family and use it to force them to live in caves and read by candle light.”

There are no two ways about it. This is a big government grab for more money and more intrusion, which is fueled by more costs and higher unemployment for the average American family.

We must stop this bill in the Senate. Contact your Senators now and tell them to vote, “no.”


Blenster said...

Have another hall of shame for all the Republicans who talk about defending the "sanctity" of marriage from gay couples while toe-tapping in bathrooms, visiting their mistresses, or snorting drugs off of male hooker's posteriors? ;-)

RKBentley said...


Both parties have their share of scandals but I'm an equal opportunity critic. Politically speaking I'm a conservative before I'm a Republican and elected leaders who spurn conservative values don't represent me. I say they need to go.

See my 6/30/2009 post.

God Bless!!

Blenster said...

Though I am a registered Democrat I often disagree with the Leftist ideology; they engage in magical thinking quite often (while ironically mocking Christians for doing such) and I like to pop these myths wherever I see them. I'm fairly conservative when it comes to fiscal matters, defense, the right to bear arms, etc. but very socially permissive regarding gay rights and social freedoms.

That being said, if you can pardon my language, I'm an equal-opportunity-asshole! :-) I prefer to knock down Democrats as that's my stated affiliation (for now...) and I think it's more important to keep our house clean (ugh!) than to worry about the "other guys" (at the end of the day we're all Americans!).

I'll destroy an anti-gun nut's paranoia just as fast as I'll remark on the great job all these "righteous" heterosexual couples are doing keeping marriage "sacred". After these repeated debacles it astounds me they can claim with a straight face that homosexual marriage will further tarnish an institution already so marred by so much heterosexual behavior...

My lawyer is fond of saying "I thought they [meaning the Right Wing] wanted them to stop having sex? Why not let them get married? Works every time!" :-)

But what difference is it, to you, between having an affair, Britney getting married and annulled a few times, and all the other behavior that sullies "marriage" as an institution and gay marriage (prohibited in the same chunk of biblical laws that disallow eating lobster and shellfish, hope you don't partake of those either) that makes gay marriage so much "worse"?