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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama’s Lack of Priorities

I can still remember the months after the election when Democrats and their sycophant followers in the media were wringing their hands over the struggling economy. They didn’t want to wait until January for Obama to take office because they weren’t sure the US would survive that long. Once Obama was finally sworn in the excuses began. He waxed on about how the economic woes weren’t his fault but he found them waiting for him on his desk wrapped up in a big bow.

In a rush job Congress passed a 1000+ page stimulus bill that no one had ever read. It earmarked some $787 billion to help spur job creation through such things as “shovel ready” construction projects. Of course we know now that the plan does really spend most of its money until next year, some of the projects aren’t really “shovel ready,” and unemployment has climbed ahead of the ceiling predicted by the administration.

Since passing the stimulus package congress has also tackled cap-and-trade where it has already passed in the house. At a time where we are facing high unemployment, the House of Representatives would like us to pay more for our energy. Right! That makes perfect sense. We’re going to create jobs by bankrupting domestic energy producers.

Now Obama has congress addressing the “health care crisis.” I guess he’s following Rahm Emanuel’s advice about not letting a crisis go to waste – only in this case there isn’t a crisis. This has been a pet project of leftist liberals for decades. And even though we’re piling trillions onto our ballooning debt, Obama wants to push this plan through congress before public support completely bottoms out. It’s a socialist attempt to take over the health care industry and does nothing to create jobs or help the economy.

President Obama, before you spend trillions on these power grabs, could you at least direct your attention to the problems at hand? How about scraping everything you’ve done before now and start all over with a real stimulus that creates jobs now and not 18 months from now?

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