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Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

Today is Labor Day in the US. Traditionally, this was a time we set aside to recognize the contribution of organized labor to our country. It’s usually celebrated with a day off of work and a large cook out. It’s sort of ironic that we celebrate Labor Day by not working. Anyway, I think more people need to put down their burgers for a moment and thank God they live in a country where we are able to enjoy the benefit of our own labor.

It is the ability to work for money that is the driving force of capitalism. A person works to buy food, a house, cars, computers, or anything else he desires. Other people work to grow food, build houses, build cars, assemble computers, or create anything else people want to buy. It’s the American way. To be able to keep what we earn is a characteristic of being free; to work for the benefit of others is the definition of slavery.

This Labor Day, let’s be especially aware of the direction our country is heading. The Federal Government is expected to run more than $1 trillion in deficit this year with a projected $9 trillion in deficits over the next 10 years. We are borrowing money at a staggering pace and we are burdening our children with a debt they can never repay. We are heaping upon them a tax burden that will devour what they earn. They will not be able to enjoy the benefit of their own labor; their labor will be spent repaying what we spend now. They are becoming our slaves.

This Labor Day, let’s celebrate capitalism. Let’s celebrate those things that truly drive the economy. Let’s put the brakes on government spending and guarantee a legacy of many more happy Labor Days for our posterity.

Happy Labor Day. God bless America!

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