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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Thoughts About Tucson

There's an old adage that you can judge a man's character by how he acts in a crisis. There's a lot we can learn from watching how liberals and conservatives have acted in the wake of the recent tragedy in Tucson. I've seen conservatives react the same way they always react. In typical fashion, they suspend their political differences and offer sincere prayers and condolences to the victims involved. Oh sure, there might be some nuts on the web who make light of the event but I defy anyone to find a mainstream conservative (on FOX News, talk radio, or anywhere else) who has dared suggest that the victims deserved what they got. Such a person does not exist. It's simply not in our nature.

Likewise, liberals have also reacted in their typical fashion. They immediately blame Republicans. It's a joke really, but every time something bad happens, liberals blame Rush Limbaugh as a matter of first resort. I'm not talking about the fringe left (although one might label all liberals as fringe). I'm talking about run of the mill liberals like the Pima County sheriff, the on-air personalities at CNN or MSNBC, members of Congress, and many other mainstream Democrats. It's sad that they use such tragedies as a political tool. Such a tactic derails conversation from useful things we might have learned from an event like this (like how to identify and help the mentally ill). I also think it cheapens the tragic impact of the events on the victims. Liberals aren't sincere. They're making political hay. How unfortunate. I apologize to the victims for their outrageous behavior.

It's easy to see that liberals aren't sincere. As I listen to them whine about the supposed vitriol coming from conservative media, I'm reminded how they were strangely silent while real, violent speech was being hurled at conservatives (see Michelle Malkin's article). And where is the evidence that this person even visited Sarah Palin's website or attended a Tea Party rally? Liberals have rushed to paint the shooter as a right-wing extremist, whipped into a murderous frenzy by heated, political rhetoric. They've done so without a single shred of evidence. In the same vein as Rahm Emmanuel, they will not let this crisis go to waste without using it to bludgeon their political opponents.

I could write a lot about liberal hypocrisy but much has already be said about it. Their behavior is so predictable that anything I say or write about it isn't new or clever anyway. Let me just say something about conservatives that I haven't heard discussed: I think we react the way we do in part because of our faith. Even if we vehemently disagree with someone, we seldom wish harm on them. What we prefer is to persuade that person to our belief. As a Christian, it is my hope that I would lead my enemies to Christ. The Bible says there is no rejoicing in the death of the wicked (Ezekiel 33:11). I have no idea of the spiritual condition of those who died in Tucson. I really don't even know their political views since they are far removed from my district. But if they weren't Christians, then their untimely death is made all the more tragic. It is something I would never make light of.

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