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Sunday, March 11, 2012

David and Goliath Like You Haven't Seen It

I was turned on to the band, Apologetix, when Cowboy Bob posted one of their videos on his blog, Stormbringer's Thunder. I've since watched several of their videos on YouTube. Their schtick is to parody popular songs with Biblical lyrics. Here are some examples of their clever songs:

A parody of an Eagle's song that talks about Mary and Joseph being turned away at the inn: “The Hotel Can't Afford Ya.”

A parody of a Boston song that talks about the redeeming power of Jesus' sacrifice: “More than a Healing.”

A parody of a Simon and Garfunkle song that talks about the missionary works of Paul in the book of Acts: “The Sound of Silas.”

One video has been especially popular On YouTube. Many people have posted dramatizations of their parody of Queen's song, “The Bohemian Rhapsody” that talks about the shepherd boy, David, fighting the giant, Goliath. David, of course, was from Bethlehem and the song is “The Bethlehemian Rhapsody.”

All of the videos are a little campy but here's one that I found entertaining.


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