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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Monkeys For Uncles

I posted a video from the group, Apologetix, several months back. At that time, I had seen a few of their videos and thought they were great. I still think they're great but now I've seen many more of their videos. It seems they've written a ton of songs and I keep finding new ones. Here's one I just came across that I felt I had to share. I don't know how I missed it for so long!

I know it lampoons evolution more than it offers compelling arguments against it.  I do think there's a lot of truth in it but I'm not posting it in order to persuade anyone. I just think it's funny! “Monkeys for uncles”... what a riot!!



Todd Williams said...

Ha, good stuff.

Steven J. said...

Please note that insulting creationists is less a strategy than an exasperated self-indulgence. It's less useful in convincing people of evolution than is simply adducing the evidence (which is not limited to fossils: the genetic evidence, such as shared pseudogenes and endogenous retroviruses between humans and other primates, or the vestigial centromere and telomere in human chromosome 2, would be compelling even if no fossils existed), but it seems almost irresistible at times.

Take, for example, that bit about being almost fooled by "Java man?" What's the point of that? Is it that the Trinil skullcap was "obviously" just a nonhuman ape (albeit one with a brain twice the size of a gorilla's), or that it was equally "obviously" just a human being like ourselves (despite being at the bottom of the modern range of brain sizes and well outside the modern range of variation in skull shapes -- no modern human has, e.g. have brow ridges like that). Or do they just object to having ancestors who couldn't hope to place in America's Next Top Model?

Note that "Java man" is only one of several Asian specimens of Homo erectus. There are also specimens from Africa (sometimes known as Homo ergaster). The Dmanisi skulls are often grouped with H. erectus, although their brains are smaller and their skulls intermediate between "Java man" and habiline-grade hominines such as skull KNM-ER1470 (usually H. rudolfensis). Anyway, a lot of those links are no longer missing, and I doubt the sincerity of the singers in asking for them.

RKBentley said...

Steven J,

If evolutionists insult creationists only because they are at their wits end then I've met many who are a walking collection of raw nerves. Insults are the first resort of some critics. They must have given up all attempts to persuade long ago because insults are all I've ever heard from a lot of them. But, hey, if there is therapeutic release in insulting people who have opinions different from yours, then have it. But then why would it bother you if this video does it?

By the way, do Richard Dawkins or PZ Myers try to persuade?

Anyway, I suggest you watch a few more videos by the band, Apologetix. You'll find they spend very little time on the creation/evolution issue but are more interested in defending the Bible in general. Their schtick is to take popular songs and parody them with Christian themes. They are “sincere” but it's parody. Do I really need to explain the verses of this song to you? I suggest you familiarize yourself with the genre.

God bless!!


Todd Williams said...

Steven J., I must say I appreciate your willingness to at least be a good sport on this blog. I appreciate your sense of humor, too...America's Next Top Model, one of my wife's favorite shows.

Thank you for being willing to provide evidence for your arguments instead of just making bald assertions and throwing out ad hominem attacks on creationists.