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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Have I mentioned that liberals annoy me? I'm pretty sure I have. Did I mention too how they are brain damaged? Yes, I know I did. Well, I'm saying it again.

Jim Carrey, a typical, Hollywood-type liberal, recently made a video parodying Charlton Heston and the NRA. He calls it, “Cold Dead Hand,” a spoof on the line Charlton Heston often used during speeches: “I'll give up my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hand.” You can watch the video for yourself but here are some of the lyrics from the song:

Imagine if the lord were here
And he knew what you’ve been thinkin’
Would his sacred heart be sinkin'
Into the canyon of dismay

And on the ones who sell the guns
He’d sick the vultures and coyotes
Only the devil’s true devotees
Could profiteer from pain and fear

Those last two lines are the funniest (“funny” in an ironic sort of way). “Only the devil's true devotees could profiteer from pain and fear”? Really? Why is it that Hollywood constantly churns out movies portraying pain and fear via people being murdered with guns, on screen, in graphic detail? Even Mr. Carrey himself has been known to use guns in his films on more than a couple of occasions. Oh! And did I mention that all liberals are also hypocrites? I thought so.

Now, in the video, Carrey dons a cowboy hat, a western style shirt, and cowboy boots. He even feigns a southern accent by dropping the “g” at the end of words like “thinkin'” and “sinkin'.” I grew up in KY and cowboy hats aren't really a southern things as much as it is a western thing but I know what he's getting at. He making fun of rural people in general – those that some people might call “red necks.” They're the kind that President Obama said clings to their guns and Bibles.

Being from the south myself, I know a lot of gun owners. I even own a few guns myself. I just took my daughter shooting on her 20th birthday. On my son's 10th birthday, I gave him a rifle that once belonged to my father. My dad was an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoors man in general. Gun racks in the back windows of pickup trucks were a common sight in the 70s. Dads even dropped off their kids at school with their rifles in plain sight. Really! Guns are a part of our culture. But in all those years, and of all my friends and family who own guns, I've never known anyone who has murdered someone with a gun.

Are there gun crimes in Louisville? Yes, of course. But there is less gun crime here than in some place like Chicago or Los Angeles. My question, then, is why is Jim Carrey (and the others of his ilk) so worried about rural people with guns? We're the law abiding ones. We're the responsible gun owners. Why doesn't Carrey parody... I don't know... maybe something like hip hop music? You know, the kind of songs that actually sing about killing people. Isn't that the kind of music that a lot of gang members (I.e – gun users and murderers) listen to? What would Carrey say about the following lyrics, for example?

I'm a wreckin cappin money stackin
Pistol packin son of a bitch
I'm throwed I'm so throwed in the club
And I got my gun in this bitch
Yeah I know you like my whip
But leave it at that cause I ain't no punk
Got a diamond in the back
And a sunroof top
Everytime I cock my glock I dunk
Forty five in my shotgun pump
Blow you out yo g*d damn socks nigga

Liberals are barking up the wrong tree.  They waste their breath condemning law abiding citizens and utter not a peep about people who actually shoot and kill people.  When gun crimes occur, Hollywood liberals rush to condemn the NRA, then will hang out and party with gansta rappers.

I know that many people from rural America aren't as “progressive” and cosmopolitan as folks on the coasts.  Liberals shun us like they have a phobia.  Frankly, I don't see the advantage of living in a city where there are 6 murders committed over the average weekend.

Like I said, liberals are brain damaged.


Anonymous said...

I like Jim Carrey as an actor, not so much as a person... But that was awesome, man. Great job. God Blees!

Carvin said...

I think there is a good difference between capitalization of pain and suffering when the pain and suffering are merely an act. I think this is a egregious example of a straw man argument. I don't think making media that includes or references guns is much different than Nerf who makes pretend guns. There may be a small amount of argument that it might encourage people to take similar acts, but most research in that area doesn't support that.

But, let's get to the problem I see in your understanding of this. From what I know of Carrey's views, more than anything he is against the NRA. Now, he is also more radical than myself in regards to gun laws: I just want comprehensive and common sense laws, while he would disarm just about everyone. I think his parody was aimed at Heston, being an NRA icon, as well as the staunchest supporters of the NRA, which if any screenshots of the recent NRA annual meeting, his target of parody is accurate.

But to the point, the parody is of the NRA. Which, it should be noted, does not represent gun owners. The NRA is run by gun manufacturers. In general, most gun owners want reasonable gun control. They want some amount of background checks, they want to make sure that criminals can't get guns, they don't want guns to be easily modified into automatic weapons. The NRA does not want this. Consider the smart ammo being produced. It would be immediately capable of telling an officer what gun fired the round and possibly even who held the gun if it had smart gun technology. Any responsible gun owner wants this: they have nothing to hide with what they do with their guns, since they are for hunting or defense. If someone was to steal a person's gun, they would want to know that they could not be blamed for what that criminal did with it. The NRA, who represents the gun manufacturers, is against any such measures. Why? Because a large portion of the firearms market in this country is to people who are using them for criminal purposes. They do not want to lose those sales.

Now, I assume, at risk, that you are a reasonable man and a man of God. You would want justice in any situation. And you want less criminals to have guns. But these are the people that the NRA protects and who are the subject of Carrey's parody.

I will say though... I would have preferred if he hadn't gone quite so 'twang' with his parody. But I admire his passion.