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Monday, December 29, 2014

Why is Evolution True?

I was perusing evolutionists' blogs looking for ideas that I could blog about when I came across a site called, “Why Evolution Is True.” It had a very interesting article about a pro-life situation in Ireland that virtually screamed to me to write about it and I intend to presently. For now, I was really looking for something more directly related to evolution. This particular blog had gobs of content, making several posts each day, but after looking at the first several dozen posts, I found very little that actually discussed evolution.

So what is on the site? For one thing, the blogs' authors seem to be obsessed with cats. That immediately caused me to be suspicious. I've noted before that I'm a dog-person. I wonder if there's ever been a study linking militant evolutionism and affection toward cats. It wouldn't surprise me. I'm kidding, of course. Well, sort of.

The other thing I noticed about the site is that it is rabidly hostile toward religion. Perhaps I shouldn't say I “noticed” it. It's really rather hard to miss. The site (I remind you again of its name, “Why Evolution Is True”) posts far more content attacking religion – particularly Christianity – than it does defending, or even discussing, evolution. Isn't that curious? Actually, it's not curious. It's symptomatic. Atheists necessarily must believe there was a natural origin for the universe. I sincerely believe that, in many cases, militant evolutionists hold to their beliefs so ardently not because the evidence is so persuasive but because they so loathe the idea of a Creator God.

I know that basing my opinion on a single website is anecdotal. However, this attitude certainly isn't unique to this one site. I've seen it more than a few times. Militant evolutionists who are atheists are seldom neutral toward religion; they hate it. I invite you to see the site for yourself. Read some of the headlines.  Take special note of the comments as well. You'll see that theophobia is not just seen in the blog's authors but in the visitors as well.

Why is evolution true? I guess it's because Christians are stupid. At least that's the impression I get from that site.


Steven J. said...

You found Jerry Coyne's blog. Coyne is an evolutionary biologist (that is, a specialist in the processes of evolution, rather than simply a biologist who accepts evolution). Why Evolution is True is a book he wrote (a copy is probably available in your local library); the blog started out about the book but then diverged to whatever interests him.

Note that fellow militant atheist evolutionist P.Z. Myers is a developmental biologist, not a specialist in evolution, andlikes squid, not cats; make of that what you will.

Coyne also likes boots, and posts photos of his favorite pairs. This strikes me, at least, as much weirder than his love of cats. Lots of people like cats.

Yes, by definition, militant evolutionists are hostile to creationists. Militant atheists are hostile to theists, or at least outspoken or activist theists. That's how you know they're militants, not how you know that they accept evolution or reject theism.

If you're interested in websites that are exclusively about "why evolution is true," you should perhaps check out Douglas Theobald's page "29+ Evidences for Macroevolution," or the "Understanding Evolution" site maintained by the University of California (Berkeley) Museum of Paleontology, or (for a break from atheists) Kenneth R. Miller's "Evolution Resources" page.

RKBentley said...

Steven J,

Yes. I read Coyne's profile on his blog and knew he published a book with the same name. I think I've read some creationist reviews of it but haven't read the book itself. I'll put that on my to do list. Still, he calls his blog, “Why Evolution is True” even though he spends only a fraction of his posts on the subject. Instead, he spends his time bashing religion and dreaming of a secular Utopia.

Oh, the cat reference is more of the usual dog-lover v. cat-lover feud. I don't really believe there's a causal link between believing in evolution and a fondness for cats. I understand that Cowboy Bob on Stormbringer's Thunder (a creationist blog) is also a cat lover.

I have visited the Talk Origins site many times and have even linked to and commented on the “29+ Evidences for Macroevolution” on this blog. I've also visited PZ Myers site but it's been a while. I may have visited the others from time to time but I can't remember the names of every site I've visited. That's not really the point.

I understand that “militant” evolutionists are hostile toward creationists by definition. My point was how they also tend to be hostile toward Christianity, which is not synonymous with creationism. Many people who believe in evolution ridicule creationists (even theistic evolutionists); that doesn't explain why people like Coyne and his visitors are so hostile toward all faith.

I think the reverse is what's true. People who hate God become the most militant evolutionists. Their strong embrace of evolution is a consequence of their rabid unbelief. It's more of a matter of their worldview than the evidence.

God bless!!