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Sunday, March 21, 2010

It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Many of you might remember that when Clinton beat Bush to win the Presidency, his campaign mantra was, “it’s the economy, stupid.”

I snapped this picture sometime in January, 2009. Wow! Gas for $1.36/gallon. People may have been out of work, the banks may have been struggling, foreclosures may have been skyrocketing, but gas prices had fallen to the lowest I remember them being in nearly 10 years. Today, people are still out of work, the banks are still struggling, homes are still being foreclosed, and now gas is $2.79/gallon.

As we stand on the brink of passing the most intrusive piece of legislation since the New Deal, I wonder what the President and Congress have been doing for the past year. For months the debate has been about some imaginary “health care crisis.” I hate to break it to the President and his cohorts in congress but there is a real job, housing, and energy crisis going on out there and I don’t see them doing anything about it.

Oh sure, there was the $700 billion “stimulus” package passed last year but even now most of the money earmarked for stimulus STILL hasn't been spent. Doesn’t the President have any idea on how to help bring energy costs down beyond the cap-and-trade bill which was kicked around for a while in congress? I guess there’s also Obama’s incessant apologizing and butt-kissing to the Arab nations but that hasn’t seemed to accomplish anything.

What is it with this guy? He’s supposed to be the leader of the country. He was supposed to help bring change to Washington. Yet he's offered nothing Chicago style politics and partisanship. He has his sights on health care and let everything else be damned. Forget jobs, forget housing, and forget energy. His mouth is watering like Pavlov’s dogs’ over the idea of regulating 1/6 of the US economy and he is going to pass “health care reform” whether we like it or not.

The die is already cast. Democrats have already lost congress because of health care reform – we’re just waiting for the election to make it official. Mr. Obama, it’s the economy, stupid!

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