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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Obama has a Credibility Issue

The President has really been hitting the trail this week selling his health care reform bill. As I listen to him, I can see how some people might get caught up in his rhetoric: more coverage and lower costs. Who can disagree with that? To hear him describe it, the insurance companies are run by fat-cat CEO's who raise premiums, waste money, and deny benefits. Mr. Obama wants to fix all that.

But as I listen to his lies... er, I mean “promises”, I have to shake my head. Can anyone ever think of a time when the government has lowered costs, reduced waste, and improved anything? In his first year in office (and with the help of a Democrat congress), the President has already run up a 2 TRILLION dollar deficit. He then had the nerve to appoint a blue ribbon to help find ways to lower the deficit. I've got an idea: spend less money!!

How can anyone sincerely believe that a government which spends money with such reckless abandon could ever devise a plan to make medical care more affordable? It would be like having Pee Wee Herman for a physical trainer. It reminds a little of Matthew 7:3, the liberals are falling all over themselves trying to “fix” rising costs in the medical sector, yet it is a speck compared to the two trillion dollar beam in the eye of the Feds.

Here's some free advice: Congress, show us that you can reduce your own spending first and then maybe you'll have some credibility when telling us how you might lower health care costs.

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